Self-storage when compared to other options like renovating an existing building or the rental of additional rooms is relatively an economical alternative for individuals and businesses seeking to store their properties and belongings in a safe location. It is fast becoming a viable solution to many relocation problems in various facets. The Australian self-storage industry is worth over 1.1 billion dollars and that figure keeps rising.

Beyond the cost implications, there are many reasons why self-storage unit as an extension of personal or professional spaces is now witnessing an exodus. Here are 6 pertinent reasons for relying on self storage solutions.

1 – Renovating your present residence

If you’re having an extension, renovating your home or even fixing a leaky roof.  Wouldn’t you prefer to achieve these goals without having to clean and dusts on your furniture and appliances after?

During those periods when the renovation of your home or office are in progress, a self-storage unit provides a safe temporary storage for your valued movable assets.

2 – Helps you decide what’s important

Whether it’s your own house or a rented apartment, as soon as you decide to do a self-storage, you will discover you have accumulated and kept some worthless or irrelevant items for so long. You will discover the reason declutter and probably do some donations. Moving is often a perfect time to reconsider the importance of some items you’ve accumulated over time.

3 – Belongings are accessible anytime

While your belongings are in storage there might be a need to access them. With some storage companies, you can only access your items during trading hours, but at Storage 2000 you can access your items 7 days a week. You’ll have your own key and will be able to add or remove items to and from your storage unit.

4 – Situational Changes

In life change is constant and a self-storage is beneficial in dealing with the new status quo. The loss of a family member could mean that time is needed to sift and sort through affairs and belongings, storing for a while is always helpful during this difficult time.

5 – Tidy up and Declutter

Storage isn’t limited to large items alone, it could be used to declutter your shelves, store wine, data and even documents. Take for example you run a small home business, there’s need for proper documentation of your invoices and paperwork at least for a certain period for ease of reference.

6 – Safe Place for Your Equipment or Vehicles

Equipment’s or hardware that are required for seasonal operations like a sled, fishing tools, boat, gardening tools etc. are typically items that could be stored up. You don’t want them cluttering your home or littering your driveway throughout the year.

Self-storage units allow you safeguard such seasonal or surplus items properly during the periods they aren’t required for active usage. Same goes for motorcycles, vans and bicycles that are used occasionally.

For everyone involved, moving is always stressful but a storage unit could offer a great deal of temporary solution to some of those problems.

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