Oops! I forgot our anniversary ūüôĀ

Don’t you just hate it when you miss someone‚Äôs birthday, especially if that person happens to be your spouse. Or even worse a wedding anniversary. It is very hard to live it down. And, well, if it‚Äôs a milestone then forget it. So for those of us that have been guilty of this we want you to know that we are really, really sorry and it will never, ever, happen again. “Neither will our 25th wedding anniversary” I here you mutter. Ok, we asked for that.¬†

So why am I opening up this can of worms. No, I did not forget my 25th wedding anniversary. I did miss an anniversary however. And yes, it was a milestone. 

I dug back into¬†Self Storage 2000’s¬†records and found that¬†our very first storage customer came into out Salisbury Storage Facility back on the 29th March 1993. So on the 29th March 2013 we turned 20.

When I got over the fact of missing our anniversary I began to reflect on the past 20 years of trading. Many businesses have done it tough especially over the last 6 years or so attributed mostly to the GFC. And things are still tough today.We would like to thank every single person that has come through our Storage Facilities over the years. Thank you for being, not only part of our success but, the reason for our success.¬†Going forward we are thankful for each day and every opportunity we have to service another Storage customer. ¬†Here’s to another 20 years (+).


PS Perhaps this post can be a reminder for us to check out the important dates, for the important people, in our lives.
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