Aren’t’ Grandparents great!

For those of us lucky enough to still have them around, what an absolute blessing they are. They love to lend a helping hand with the kids especially when you need a baby sitter for that special evening of love and romance (sorry fellas). Or for that special celebratory occasion where there’s no ‘…and family’ on the invite.

Well, eventually, after many years of hard labour bringing up your kids, they grow up and leave the nest and begin spreading their wings. Although you’d never admit it your glad to finally have them out of your hair. Deep down it’s a huge relief on the finances, laundry & cramped lifestyle among other things. You and your better half can now enjoy your later years with some quality time alone.

Like your parents you’ll be happy to see your own Grand kids arrive and as Grandparents you’ll be more than happy to baby sit knowing that you only have them for short stints and then you get to give them back to mum and dad.

But life doesn’t always turn out the way you hope. And instead of you being a Grandparent babysitting little darling grandchildren you find your own grown up kids coming back home to live with you after years of being out in the big bad world all on their own. It’s been so long they have accrued all this stuff, having spent much of their hard earned cash accumulating furniture and the like trying to make their own little nest. And sometimes, just sometimes, they come back home with a little one of their own. And because you are the best mum and dad in the world and love your kids to bits (even though secretly you were happy to see them go) you welcome them home with open arms.

But what about all the stuff? All your storage space is used up hoarding your own heirlooms. You don’t want to sell the kids gear because you’ll never get what it’s worth and you’re absolutely certain that it wont be very long and they will be needing it again. Your kids can’t’ stick around forever. So what on earth do you do with all the excess stuff in the interim.

A friend offers to store it in their garage. This works OK for a while but it rarely turns out well in the long term. Your friend either ends up moving house or they need the storage space for their own kids who have decided to move back home as well.

I know it may seem obvious to some but it is amazing that only a very small percentage of the population are actually aware of the option of Self Storage.

Self Storage 2000 is a family business so we understand family. We can help make this season of your life a little easier to cope with. There are numerous self storage unit sizes to choose from that will best suit your individual needs.

We wish the very best for you and your kids and if you need somewhere for storage of all that excess gear (the kids or your own) then just yell out.

Here’s to happy families J

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