This article highlights the most important points to consider when selecting a Storage Facility and a Storage Unit size. A good Storage Facility will walk you through this process, so there is no need to stress.  However, it helps to know this information so that you keep us (and other Storage Facilities) on our toes.

Adelaide has a great number of storage facilities to choose from. Storage 2000 alone has 3 great sites across Adelaide covering the North, South, City and Western suburbs.  So how do you decide where to store and what storage unit size to use.

Let me say from the outset, I understand people have varying financial positions. $50 to some people is a lot of money and to others not so much. Having said that, it is important to keep extra fees and/or savings in perspective to your overall spend.

Generally speaking there is approximately a $5-$7 difference between one storage unit size and the next (EG for storage over 6 months, costing $1000+ the extra cost and/or saving equates to around $156)

But paying a little extra for a larger storage unit can make a world of difference in making your storage stay easy and stress free.  When compared to the overall cost, the difference in taking a larger storage unit may be relatively minor.

Similarly if you are shopping for storage price, keep in mind that a storage unit which varies by $2 per week (from one storage facility to another) is a consideration of $54 over a 6 month storage stay.

Let’s say your total storage cost over 6 months is around $1250 ($48 per week). Either paying and extra $54 or saving $54 for a storage unit is not the most important issue. Generally other factors deserve a much greater consideration when deciding on a storage facility and a storage unit size, such as convenience, easy access, cleanliness and helpfulness and friendliness of staff.

For example, one important consideration is having easy access to the goods in your storage unit.  A storage unit might be $2 cheaper per week but has awkward access which could mean more time, energy and stress storing your goods.  A removal company may take an extra hour or two to place the goods inside the storage unit which means any cost saving you thought you were getting is lost.  However, if the storage facility or storage unit you have chosen has greater convenience because of location, or storing goods on the second floor gives you greater security and peace of mind then it may well be worth it.

We are all different and have varying expectations.  This is why visiting a Storage Facility, speaking with the staff and seeing the storage unit first hand can really help you make the best decision.  I normally say to customers, “when you walk into a storage place your gut tells you if it’s the right place for you”.  But if your thinking only of the $2 saving per week it could cloud your judgement.

So you have chosen a Storage Facility. Now which storage unit is the best size for you. Consider these factors before deciding.

  1. Firstly, what size storage unit will actually fit my goods. We have some helpful ways of working this out. You can use our easy on-line storage space estimator at Or email us a written list of the items you are putting into the storage unit and let us work it out for you.  Lastly you can book the storage unit size you think is right then once your goods arrive on a removal van we can work out the best size storage unit on the day of move in. This way we can give you best value for money.
  1. You may want to squeeze your goods in to the smallest storage unit possible or, conversely, have extra storage space to tinker with your goods during your stay.  Consider also these factors. How long will your self storage stay be? What is your overall cost consideration? And what is your budget? Use the answer to these questions to make your final decision.
  1. A good self storage facility will take you through the process.  They will explain all the storage unit cost options and the pros and cons.  Although it may seem daunting it does not need to be.
  1. Finally. It’s not final.  At any time during your stay you can change the size of storage unit.  You may find that you have to much storage space in your storage unit and are paying extra for no benefit.  You may decide to take some goods out and so you don’t require that much storage space any more.  A good storage facility will make it easy for you to change at any point during your stay.

Hopefully this information will help you when it comes time to store your goods.

If you would like information on pricing you can go to our website which advertises all our storage unit prices for all our units at each of our facilities.  Of course you are also welcome to call our helpful storage consultants with any questions or even better, pop in and see us first hand. Click on this link to check out where our Storage Facilities are located.

I hope you have a great day.

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