Situations often arise when you will need to keep your vehicles like vehicles and motorcycles in storage when they are out of use or when you just want to keep them save while you travel.  The challenge has always been where to keep it save and the major steps to have a save storage for your vehicles.

This article will expose you to the necessary steps to preparing your vehicle for safe storage.

1 – Service it up

There is need for you to take your vehicle to a mechanic, to do the general checkup for your vehicle before keeping it in a storage. A mechanic will help you check the engine, do the necessary service and help you to change the oil.

2 – Clean it up

One of the major things you need to do to ensure safety for your vehicle while in storage is to clean it up.  Cleaning is necessary to make the vehicle safe from pest and unwanted odors. You need to thoroughly wash the parts of your vehicle like, the engine, the electronics and the entire parts of the vehicles to safe guard it while in self storage.

3 – Take care of the battery

Another thing you need to put into consideration while keeping your vehicle in a self storage is the condition of your battery. It is better if you can just remove the battery and keep it in a dry and cool place but if you don’t want to remove it, just disconnect the battery from the cables or better still, install smart charger. It will keep your vehicle battery safe while in storage.

4 – Cover it up

It is so much important for you to cover up your vehicle while keeping it in storage. Irrespective of whether the place you are keeping it is dusty or not, covering your vehicle will safe guard it against pest, dust or anything that may scratch the paint of your vehicle. A fitted cover is necessary if you are keeping it in a very dusty place.

5 – Fill up your tank

When keeping your vehicle in a self-storage, ensure you fill your fuel tank beyond moderate level, it will help in keeping your vehicle against condensation. However, if you are keeping your vehicle in a storage beyond a month, do ensure you put a stabilizer to help you keep your vehicle ready for use at all time.

6 – Remove the wiper blades

This is peculiar to your motor-vehicle vehicle. There is need for you to remove the wiper blades of your vehicle while keeping it in storage, to prevent it from sticking to the glass or causing damage to the vehicle glass. Just wash, remove and keep the wiper blade inside the vehicle for safety.

7 – Prevent animals’ inversion

Animals like rodents and pest can invade your vehicle while in storage if necessary measures to prevent them are not put in place. Just make sure you cover up the opening spaces in your vehicle and place scents or anti-animal materials around the car to send them off your vehicle.

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