Self-storage to a large extent could be described as an art and a science. A special composure and skill set is required to do it correctly. Setting up a self-storage unit requires a bit of planning and skill. The goal is to efficiently manage your space in such a way that all your items are properly contained while you still maintaining easy access to your stuff should in case you need them while they’re in storage.

Here are some packing and maintenance tips for your self-storage unit. These tips will also help you know the perfect placement for each item in case you need an urgent retrieval. By ensuring this, you don’t have to unpack completely to find each item.

Boxes and labels

It is important to make use of boxes and labels when packing and organizing. It is essential to maximize the space in your storage unit so using uniform boxes to store up your items are important because the boxes can be arranged on top of each other. Boxes allow you maximize your vertical space before you move to the next square. After a few months of storage, it is possible you won’t remember the box that contains your mortgage documents, it is important to label your boxes and the label should face outward for easy identification.

Leave a Passage 

It is important that you leave a passage for easy access to your larger units. This ensures that if you need to access a unit, you won’t have to unnecessarily unpack the needless ones. It is normal to feel the walk way could be used to store up some extra lbs. but the moment you need to find something, you will grin as you walk through.

Pad your breakables

It is important to provide an extra cushion for your breakable items.  You can use a bubble wrap or packing paper. Items like mirrors, artifacts, vases and picture frames should be well padded when stored

Take inventory

While you pack up your items, make a proper list of exactly what you are keeping in the self-storage unit. This conveniently allows you recall what’s inside later when you need to get something especially duplicate items. This is as well pertinent because if a natural disaster occurs and you need to access file an insurance claim, you can easily refer to your documentation. You might remember all your items in the first few days of storage, but time proves otherwise.


Even after you must have chosen a safe and clean storage site, it is still important you use covers. You don’t want to spend the extra cash of inviting cleaning services when you need your items. Items like furniture, machineries and equipment should be properly covered to prevent against dust, rust and moisture.

The overall benefit is that packing and organizing your things the right way will make them last longer and it ensures they don’t deteriorate through the periods of inactivity.

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