Self Storage 2000 is situated in 3 great locations across Adelaide South Australia. We understand how important personal belongings are and that they often carry a lifetime of memories. As such we take our job very seriously and make customer peace of mind and our priority.  Both fragile and upholstered furniture can be store safely and securely.

We have a wide range of self storage faciliaties that can safely and securely accommodate various moving requirements or storage items.  

All our facilities are all equipped with surveillance systems and state-of-art security that ensure your belongings remain intact. 

Some Reasons Why You Might Need Household Storage Solutions

Household and furniture storage will be more beneficial to you if you;

  • Want to move into a rented accommodation before you purchase a new home
  • Want to “stop gap” during the process of moving house
  • Want to decorate, renovate or build your home and need to store items in a safe place to give more space.
  • Want to rent your home and maintain your furniture safe and secure
  • Want to work from home and in need of a convenient storage for your items
  • Want to take care of a legacy that needs to be stored in the right hands
  • Want to move out on time and allow your buyers to move in as well
  • Want to travel overseas for a long perior of time, you would need some extra space for household storage.

Why Choose Storage2000 For Your Household Storage Solutions

Safe and secure storage solutions

Because peace of mind is so important, Self Storage 2000 Storage Facilities offer State of the Art Security. All areas are covered by security sensors and/or security beams, with back to base monitoring. This ensures secure self storage for your most precious possessions.

Our premises are highly boosted by unique security features such as:

  • Recorded Closed Camera Surveillance
  • 24 hr Security Monitoring
  • Individual Computerised Pin access
  • Motion sensors and security beams


Flexible short term and long term solution

Feel free to choose from our short or long term storage options as they all have affordable rates.  

The short term option will be ideal if you are doing some renovations in your home or moving your home to another location.

The long term storage options help keep your possessions safe while you are traveling in the overseas country. Since you are not likely to come back soon, we ensure that your furniture is highly secured on our premises.  

And with only a 24-hour notice will make all your property easily accessible whenever you need them.  

Onsite staff for assistance and support

We provide low-cost household storage services that will save you lots of money in the long run. Our highly efficient and dedicated staff will first ensure that the goods are packed safely, inventoried carefully, and palletized. They are then shrink-wrapped with a black film for added protection and security.

You can also use our professionally operated despatching services to receive and despatching your goods.

Choosing the rigth storage unit

There are different types of self storage solutions offered at Storage2000. It is important to be specific when booking space for storing your household items and furniture. We have a professional staff that is highly trained and they can always recommend the best storage option that will best meet your needs. 

You can also use our FREE space estimator to get an indication of the amount of space you may need to store your specific items.

So many ways we can tailor your storage solution.

Choose any of the options below or contact our office to get started with choosing the right storage solution to meet your needs.

Choose from our wide range of storage solutions in three convenient locations. 

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If you’d like to schedule a unit, give us a call. We’ll help you become familiar with our facilities. Specifically, we’ll tell you more about the following features:

  • Long and short term leases
  • 7 days a week access
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Free trailer use
  • Insurance coverage with low risk and low premiums
  • Easy access for all vehicles

Let us know about your specific Adelaide storage needs, and we’ll take care of them. We look forward to discussing your options with you. Contact us on 1300 784 254.

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